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Pro Allies is a support organization designed to bring all military and military veterans, law enforcement, fire, emergency medical professionals, and their immediate families together in safe environments to offer support to one another. Support opportunities are offered as face to face support groups, online groups, and through a variety of social media platforms.

 All invited to attend Pro Allies activities have dealt with, or are currently dealing with, scenarios that would shake most of the general population to their core.  Our families often feel and deal with our struggles in a variety of ways.  We are natural protectors. This is a reason why we all answered the call to "Serve". Our protective nature sometimes makes it hard for us to share with others as we do not wish to cause others harm.

Pro Allies does not report to any insurance, military, law enforcement, fire, or emergency response agencies.  Pro Allies is not a licensed therapy group. We simply offer the opportunity to listen, share, pray, and offer support to one another.


Rev. Rodney Gasaway is an ordained Clergy in the United Methodist Church.  He is serving at two congregations as well as a volunteer chaplain for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Chelsea Area Fire Authority.  His expertise is in community engagement, missions, and outreach.  Rev. Gasaway graduated from seminary with a Masters Degree.  He has continuing education certifications in Ecumenical and Interreligious Training, Pastoral Care, and PTSD Counseling.  

Rev. Gasaway proudly served in the Navy.  His deployments include two in the Persian Gulf including "Desert Shield/Desert Storm" and also "Operation Restore Hope" in Somalia. Rodney served as a nonprofit Director for nearly a decade before serving at local congregations. After meeting and speaking with multiple veterans and first responders, Rodney founded Pro Allies, a grassroots nonprofit that offers support groups the opportunity to serve one another, caring for those dealing with challenging personal and professional issues. In total he has nearly 20 years of full-time ministry experience.

Rodney Bio

I was at a motorcycle rally where I met a fellow rider who was also a firefighter.  We talked about his faith journey and other struggles and I invited him to a Bible study that week.  The day he was to attend, he experienced a severely traumatic event at work.  At the Bible study, he shared a snippet of the trauma experienced that day.  He never returned, sensing that he had caused harm to those present.  For the next three weeks, I worked through secondary trauma experienced by those who had been present at that evening’s Bible study. Where is he able to share?

It became the catalyst for Pro Allies, a grassroots nonprofit that offers support groups the opportunity to serve the community; and care for those dealing with moral injuries, PTSD, and other challenges unique to first responders, emergency medical personnel, veterans, and their immediate family.

Pro Allies represent those in service to our country and community. The goal is to open 25 chapters of Pro Allies throughout the state of Michigan.

Gary Gamble

20 year Marine Corps retired, admini. Board Trustee for Michigan Bikers Helping Veterans, member of American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Patriot Guard Rider

Board of Directors

21 year Veterans of Foreign Wars post Commander, American Legion Member, Vietnam Veterans of America member

John Welchman

Mother of an active duty Marine, airport "freedom Center" volunteer, member of team Red, White, and Blue

Rhonda Fadoir

Robert Arbini

Fire Chief, and Chelsea Area Fire Authority

Retired 21 year veteran of the United States Air Force, Federal Law Enforcement, United Methodist Clergy

Willie Council

Wife of First Responder, mother of two and a fierce advocate for human rights  

Jessica Downey


Pro Allies is not comprised of licensed therapists or mental health professionals. The purpose of this group is to provide a safe space for individuals to share their experiences and provide mutual support.


It is important to note that if you or someone you know is currently in distress or experiencing a mental health crisis, we strongly recommend seeking help from a licensed therapist, counselor, or mental health professional. They are trained to provide the appropriate support and assistance needed in such situations.


While members of our group may offer empathy, understanding, prayer, and personal experiences, it is not a substitute for professional help. Please prioritize your well-being and reach out to a qualified professional for assistance if needed.


By participating in this support group, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer.

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